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Halidon Logistics Limited


Halidon Logistics Limited works seamlessly with customers to deliver customer-specific 3PL services to maximise efficiencies in their logistics and value chain. Halidon Logistics is redefining the profile of logistics services in India by providing integrated 3PL solutions and professional services to address traditional supply chain challenges.

Logistics service and last-mile delivery in Indian are normally multi-tiered and fragmented involving various agencies. Coordination and communication amongst these logistics players across segments are deficient. This leads to wrong deliveries, defaults, delays and deterioration of goods. The disjoint stack of logistics operators increases the total cost of these services and makes it inefficient. Manufacturers and distributors are increasingly becoming aware of the value of such deviations and the loss of market share and business opportunity. Halidon Logistics Ltd. endeavours to overcome these bottlenecks by providing comprehensive 3PL services such as warehousing, transportation, C&F and other services with single point contact.

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